Thursday, October 3, 2013

Directions for Blogging Day, Thursday Oct. 3

  1. Be sure you have your About Me Published as a separate PAGE. I could not find everyone's About Me when I checked blogs on Monday! Some of you do not have it visible; some of you have it as a post (when it should not be). Get a buddy to help you or ask Ms. A.
  2. Look at the Blog Lists and Links modeled at the right side of this Blog Hub page. You should also have these, and be adding your own links! This BLOG HUB's link should appear under your CLASS LINKS. Again, ask a buddy if you need help!
  3. Reread your own blog posts from Weeks 1 and 2 (and our current Week 3). Do they all have titles!? They should! And the title should tell us something about what we can expect to read about. Don't be vague with "post #1" type titles.
  4. While you're reading your work...proofread! I definitely saw some errors, typos, common misspellings, lower case "i"s and lack of paragraphing when I checked blogs. REMEMEBER your blogs are PUBLIC! You should care about their quality! (Editing a blog post is easy. If you need help....yada yada...buddy system.) 
  5. I am in the process of adding your classmates blogs to the CLASS BLOGS list at the right. Watch for yours to appear!
    1. Did I get your BLOG's NAME listed correctly?
    2. Is your BLOG's NAME specific enough to give your classmates a hint about your topic? If not, you might consider revising it, and if you do so, tell Ms. A. so we can update it on the chart and hub.
  6. Start reading and responding to your peer's blogs.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Welcome, 2014 AP Lang Bloggers!

Please be sure to get your Blog Name and Blog Address on Ms. A.'s electronic chart, so that your blog will be listed on this site.

Directions for setting up your blog are on Canvas!